Firechicken is a south side Chicago cover band that brings a mix of classic rock, pop, country and music from today.  Playing the hits from bands like the Beatles, Prince, Kenny Chesney, David Bowie, Jimmy Buffet and Black Keys.  They will play your favorites and get you on the dance floor. 
They've played venues throughout the south side and also rocked Chicago venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, The Chopshop and City Winery.  Firechicken brings a versatile catalog of fun tunes that gets the party started and keeps it going through the night. 
Founded in 2009, Firechicken started as the brainchild of the famous Lisowski brothers.  It's an eclectic group of talented musicians that love to play together.  They've rocked the suburbs, they've rocked the city and now they will rock your event!